Proteus Everything you need to know

Proteus Everything you need to know

What is Proteus VSM program?

The Proteus program is a tool for modeling virtual systems that combines a range of software tools to simulate electronic systems programs that is easy to use by any student, engineer and professional, it offers integrated environment containing all the necessary tools for practical and realistic simulation, it combines SPICE systems to simulate circuits and electronic items (illustrated Animations are clips for easy handling and accuracy) and models of microprocessors to facilitate a later stage simulation of electronic systems that are based on micro-controllers. It is the first tool developed with a test methods and simulation of these systems as a stage before moving to practical application of the schemes.

These features have been available for the simulation thanks to the facilities provided by the program to deal with the elements of Manifesting LCD and diodes, optical LEDs and control movement, buttons,
All simulations are applied in real time which allow Real-Time Simulation of conditions that require simple computer, For example, a computer processor with Pentium II 300MHz process simulation of a small processor clock frequency of 8051 and more than 12MHz. It also allows a wide and multiple possibilities for simulation performance and debugging processes accurately and effectively for scripts written in assembly language or high level languages or both.

VSM structure allows the user a freedom of choice in dealing with the already-made models of components and electronic systems in the program, providing a set of tools for professionals that enable them to write scripts to control program work( as in the case of writing DLL within Windows) environment, and these texts can be transformed to control graphical interfaces to be used as tools for simulation process and control design or any other function to be performed using the program.

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